Hello guys, I have a customer which runs a small website with pre-existing members available. Now we want to attach simple forum software to them. So far we stayed to choose miniBB.com forum for that purpose, specially mentioning their synchronization possibility.

However since I never implemented things like that, I would be curious just to hear some opinions from there. Does anyone have experience with that? How difficult it would be to achieve? Their solution doesn't seem to be for newbies like me.

Thanks in advance to all. Peace.

The solution like that can't be for newbies. It's not like you install some script, click the "GO" button and it synchronizes with your current members on the fly. I doubt it would be possible to implement in any script.

I have experience with miniBB installing it over my customers websites as the forums attachment to their presentations, and so far they all are happy. I did synchronization once, but it was really simple because customers website's login was a simple routine. If there is something difficult on your website, you may better contact this forum software authors. Their support fees are very modest.