Guys, i have installed PHP 5 on my windows system, i am able to browse to info.php which shows a listing, but if i create another simple page with a echo statement then i and not able to browse that page. i get the HTTP 500 internal server error. i have both the pages in the same folder.

hepl please

make a folder in www directory and put your page in it and try to browse.

tell me what happened so i can better guide you.

you can make a simple echo file with the name of "index.php" in you folder. so when you will click on your folder listed on first page you will be redirected to index.php page. but if you have file with different name then you have to go that page manually. or type your file name in address bar e.g

if if your file name is index.php then its enough to right


Tizag has some realy great beginer tutorials on PHP (They helped me learn in about 1 month)
Tizag PHP Tutorials


I have create a new folder for every page? wont it be possible to browse the pages from the single folder.

No, you don't have to create a new folder for every page. However, in order for php code to be executed, you not only need to make sure to use the <?php opening and ?> closing tags, but also make sure that the directory is in fact configured as a DocumentRoot in apache (assuming you use apache).
Also you cannot "browse" to it using the filesystem, but need to type in the valid URL for the page, which most likely will be something like this: http://localhost/<directory>/filename.php

It might help if you tell us the directory structure as well as how you configured the DocumentRoot.

Hope this helps...

Actually in a purely PHP file, the closing tag ?> should be excluded.

It is necessary when you are jumping in an out of php control structures that are mixed with html or some other kind of output.

If you are working on one website, just one folder will be enough for that website, put all the php, html files and folders regarding that website in that folder.
Create new folder for new website and its related material.


i have put the php.ini in windows folder.
and have set the doc_root to C:Inetpub/wwwroot. this is where i have the two scripts. I have also configured the IIS virtual directory to C:Inetpub/wwwroot. i am able to open a page which has just phpinfo(). the other page has one echo statement and the phpinfo(), but i am not able to browse it. i try to browse it by using the ip address.

Can you post the complete php file that gives you a 500 error?

Thanks for all the help... i have been able to browse both the pages.

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