Hi folks! I'm an experienced web developer who finally has time to teach himself ASP.NET. I've worked with it from time to time, but have been delving deeper and deeper, lately. I've created user controls that are dynamically loaded into a Wizard control. (I'm no veteran, but not sure if this is the best approach but it's a good learning experience. I would much rather use a portable 3rd party .js [like spry] and manage the tab navigation with simple asp.net variables)

My point is...in doing this...I've had to do a lot of debugging to make it this far and was wondering if someone can refer me to some good online links (unemployed-can't buy a book) that is/are a good source for navigating/editing dom properties/methods via vb or even c# during postbacks. I've watched most of the videos on asp.net, but they don't have anything like this.

Thanks for any help and regards!

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you can learn asp.net from the following links

www.asp.net//official microsoft site


Thanks, Greeny, but I've been there and done that. I think I'm graduated from most of those videos. I'm basically looking for good code behind tips to do with the ASP.NET Dom what I can now easily do with Javascript using the VS debugger. I'm not being lazy, just throwing this out there temporarily for any suggestions. For example, Joe's video on dynamically adding textfields via asynchpostback had some great code behind routines on asp.net.

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