hello all users, i hope you all are fine Allah bless you always.

i come here for some little help. actually i have made website in html and simple php pages. its ok for me but i want to add there one ajax code which is like before page open it shows page is loading in ajax effect after complete page load it opens the page with effect or simply please can anyone help me please.. thanks in advance.

I don't think you can do that.

The entrance page will not be able to be AJAX-loaded. The entrance page will need to "host" the AJAX call. Unless of cos, you use a dummy entrance page for every URL request. so you HTML-load the dummy, then AJAX-load the actual page.

Secondly, AJAX calls returns strings rather than some pointer or resource handles. So you only get string data.

The unorthodox way, which is kind of awkard, is then to do an AJAX call which returns the HTML of the page that you are requesting, then do write to body.innerHTML that kind of thing. But, media elements like graphics, flash, etc still needs extra time to load.

If you have a proper solution, do let us know. I'm interested. Thanks!