I have a link wich opens a the second page with links wich call a javascript function.

I have some problem with javascript.

i am two aspx page..

in my first aspx page contain the second aspx page name..

i am clicking the second page link the second page is opened..


i wrote the javascript finction in second page..

in this the function does not execute..

how to solve the problem.......

please help me..

first Page name.......form1

second page name....form2


<input type="text" name="stationFrom" size="16" value="" onblur="return openStationFrom();" >

function openStationFrom()

window.open("../enquiry/form2.aspx?" & mstrSession & "&stnName="+escape(document.form1.stationFrom.value)+"&formName=Form1&fieldName=stationFrom&leftWidth=0","","dependent=yes,width=350,height=375,screenX=200,screenY=300,titlebar=no,scrollbars=auto,maximize=no");


<input type="hidden" name="formName" value='Form1'>

<input type="hidden" name="fieldName" value='stationFrom'>

<select name="stationNameCode" size=5 >

<option value='voter id(vt)'</option>

<option value='passport(PO)"option>

<input type="button" value="GO" onclick=" return setStationField()">

function setStationField()
alert("Please Select The Station From The List");
return false;

formName = document.form2.formName.value;
fieldName = document.form2.fieldName.value;
window.opener.document.forms[formName][fieldName].value = document.form2.stationNameCode[document.form2.stationNameCode.selectedIndex].value;

this is my used source code..

my problem is..

i am click form2.aspx in GO button ..

i want to click the go button the form2 stationNameCode.selected index value go to form1.aspx to stationFrom text box..

i want to pass form2.selected index to form1.aspx

please help me.. how to do....

You can access the parent window or the window which opened the new window using the global reference 'opener'.

Keep one hidden field each for the data which you want to pass from the new page to the original page and using the reference of the original page (opener), manipulate the fields of the parent window.

Something like this:

<!-- Parent (ee.html) -->
    function go()
<form name="frm">    
    <input type="text" value="Hello" id="txt" name="txt" />
    <input type="button" name="btn" id="btn" value="Button" onclick="go();" />
<!-- Child (dd.html) -->
    function go()
    function change()
        opener.document.frm.txt.value = "This is changed text";
<body onload="go();">
        <input type="button" value="Change Value in Parent" id="btn" name="btn" onclick="change();"/>

Thnaks s.o.s~..

thanks for your kind reply....

I am working this code...working properly...

but the issue is i am not change the javascript code in second code..

because the second page is ".html" page ....

the second page javascript does not change..

i am sorry already i have not informed...

but i am not modified second page everything

please how to do..

please help me......

so in my first page i click the one lint the second page window.open() is open..

so i am not chage the seocond page..

please reply...

You have to change the Javascript code in the second page otherwise your purpose won't be achieved. Why can't you change the code in the second page?