Hi ...how to solve this problem........In a form there is a Cfbutton which is of submit type.when the user click this button i want a insertquery to be executed which collects datat from a dynamic table.I dont want to reload the whole page when the user clicks this button.

<table border="2px">
                                              <cfoutput query="qrecipes">
                                                  <td><cfselect name="lot" id="lot" ><option value=1>xyz</option><option value=2>abc</option></cfselect></td>

                                          <cfinput type="submit" name="storebuild" value="sotrebuild">
                              <cfinput type="submit" name="clear" value="clear">

when the user clicks the storebuild button i want to run a insert query to enter the data displayed in to another table.how do i need to approach thisproblem.