I m new to ajax. I have to implemented the ajax autocomplete in my code.When I press any alphabet say suppose "a", I should get all names starting with "a" say arman,anoop,anju etc one below other. now when i select one of them say 'arman' the text box will should display "arman,". Now when I press "a" again then it should show "anoop" & "anju" one below the other.As i want to enter multiple values with comma seperated.And when I select any one of this, it should append the value previously present in text box(i.e it should append the value "arman").

Please reply to this...
I would be really thankful to u all..

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thank you for your valuable suggestion but in the link you have provided i can enter only one value at a time if i want to enter the third value the ajax suggest function is not displaying any values, I need some thing like the inserting of the email addresses in gmail or yahoomail.


any progress achieved till now i m googling for the same thing

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