i'm trying to figure out how to pass arrays back and forth from php to javascript and back in the zend framework. i need to do this for check boxes for a project and i canno use zend_form. i came up with a way to do this but the problem i have is that php cannot read the array string tha i pass to it. the javascript i used looks like this:

var cur="";
    var ajaxfields="";
    alert("field count:"+fields.length);
    if (fields.length > 0) {
        for (var t=0;t<fields.length;t++){
        var url="/articles/delete-field"
        var param="c=delete&"+ajaxfields+"sid="+Math.random();
        vpMakePostRequest(url, param, deletedone)

when i alert the ajaxfields, this is how the string looks like:


in th php script, i get the c paramemter using(zend):

$this->c = $_POST['c'];
		echo $this->c;

i echo for debugging purposes and i get "delete".
now the problem is fetching the array string so i gp-could go ahead with the script.
NOTE: i couldn't fetch it the same way.

can anyone help me out

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have javascript send the script a comma seperated list of only the checked check boxes.

then change:

var param="c=delete&"+ajaxfields+"sid="+Math.random();


var param = "c="+ajaxfields+"&sid="+Math.random();

then in the php, get the values into an array by using

explode( ',',$_POST['c'] );

have javascript send the script a comma seperated list of only the checked check boxes.

var param = "c="+ajaxfields+"&sid="+Math.random();

can you tell me how to modify the code to do that? i'm not a javascript guru.

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