I am attempting to configure a datasource in an AJAX web page from an existing postgreSQL database that resides on our server. I have done this many times with MySQL, no problem. When I finish the configuration for the PostgreSQL Database in the "Add Connection" wizard of Visual studio 2008, the "Test Connection" is Successful, but there are no tables in the server explorer icon that appears. Can anyone there shed some light on this mystery? I have been stuck for two days and will be eternally grateful...

Most likely you're running in to a schema issue based on how you are authenticating with the PostgreSQL. Keep in mind by default the ASP.NET account runs as an unprivileged user, IUSER_ASP_NET or something like that... and if you're doing any kind of LDAP authentication with the server you won't have admin credentials.


I will look into that. I am new to both asp.net and postgresql so I have double trouble. Good thing I only have four projects!

Good luck!

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I was able to solve this problem by using a system DSN that i added in ODBC (Start->Contol Panel->Administrative tools->ODBC->System DSN->Add) The rest is pretty straitforward: Choose type, enter databasename,username,password,ect. Then, in the configure data source wizard, choose "one user or system datasource name" from the dropdown menu. Hope I helped someone with the same problem i had and thanks to all of you who replied.