hey all. i was wondering what some of you think would be a great start for a shopping cart that integrates paypal for a web software. and that after they go through the payment process they will beable to create there account

i am just starting to get into ecommerce things.


It usually works the other way around.

The shopper first needs to have an account, and only then he can proceed to payment.

The shopper must usually identify himself before paying, because most payment methods (such as paypal) require the shopper's email address and/or name, address, and such, before he can use their payment system to pay.

Once you have all this information, you could as well create an account for the shopper. You can, however, decide to activate his account, only after receiving payment.

thanks i will look into that. i don't want to build my own i just want to be able to integrate it into my software

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