I am looking for a good php programmer that really wants to work and get jobs done and go onto the next job. I have many jobs open websites range from models site to free counters site..

I DO NOT need any getafreelancer.com wannabee programmers I have had enough of those scamming non-programmers. I have dealt with programmers that cant do the job as they claim so if you cant do php/mysql and build a site from scratch with no free source code crap then you are NOT the person I need..

I do not want 100 indians saying we can do it either, the entire country of india is blocked from my server for trying to steal what I have.

Basically this is what I have:

I provide all design and structure of the site and the php coder adds the coding to the site. I have been building websites for 15 years and I do things differently then most so lets get this out in the open now so we dont waste each others time..

*1. I do not care what w3c says or does or proclaims, I will build my site how I see fit.

*2. I do code all sites with the php/html all in one file including any functions (exclude the config and db functions ofcourse)..

*3. I do not use nor do I want any free gnu scripts, I built custom scripts from scratch.

*4. I do need someone that is honest and cares about getting the job done to go onto the next job, sooner we get done the faster we all get paid.

*5. I need someone that understands what security flaws are, if you make your registration forms with no checking of sql injection then I dont need you.

Now with the above being said I can tell you this is a paid position, you aint going to get rich so those of you who think you will get $50 an hour, please leave this post now.. I DO NOT pay hourly rates, I pay according to what the client is willing to pay.

All other information is listed on my site, please follow the link and fill out the application if you are interested. If you cant access my site then that should tell you I do not need your services.. (currently 16 countries are blocked from my server).

Application: http://www.turnkeysetup.net/pre_sale.php


You may want to consider posting this in a more approriate forum, such as the Web Development Job Offers forum.

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