After many years of not doing any web design at all, I have a neighbor that has hired me to design a basic website for her business. I've set the page up with an iframe because I figured then I would only have to update menu links on that main page and then there'd be less chance of missing a link somewhere along the way as new updates are added. I know this could probably be accomplished with .css, but I don't know how to do that either!

My problem is that the iframe won't adjust height to allow for the longer pages without adding scroll bar. My neighbor doesn't want it to look like its a separate box at all, so no borders and no scrolling can be used. I've tried the various solutions I've found online and either they do nothing or they stretch the page that's loading in the frame to ridiculous proportions AND still adds a scroll bar.

As I said, I haven't designed in several years and I never learned JavaScript at all. I suspect my problem is probably due to not understanding which bits of code I need to change to my iframe name. The IFrame SSI IV totally confuses me, though I do think that's the one that would ultimately work if I just knew where I was supposed to plug in my iframe name and target info.

My iframe name is, quite simply, "content" and the first page I want loaded (when someone first visits the site) is "whatisreiki.html" (my neighbor does Reiki on animals). The site is www.lovingtheanimals.com but I am working on this particular issue on www.lovingtheanimals.com/iframetest.html so that I don't totally screw up the site where visitors might be affected.

I do want to take the time to learn how to do all of this stuff correctly and update my web design skills, but time is of the essence for this particular site since I'm getting paid for it. Once its out of the way, I can take all the time in the world to play around and learn everything for myself.

Anyone willing to jump in and give me either a quick fix or a crash course? It would be MUCH appreciated!


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shtml php asp would be so much easier to code than trying to 'dynamic' the iframe.
just one line of code in each page file, and change the extensions to

<!--#include virtual="/mainmenu.html" -->


<?php include('/mainumenu.html'); ?>


// dunno never used it

for whatever scripting language the hosting account supports.
This one, the solution,
is easier than it appears looking forward,
looking back, piece of cake

or -use a frameset

<frameset rows='160,*'> <!-- top menu --><!-- or --><frameset cols='160,*'> <!-- left menu -->
<frame id='menu' src='mainmenu.html'>
<frame id='main' src='reikiwhatever.html'>
<noframes>If frames disabled this text appears</noframes

where mainmenu.html <a> s include target="main" to open them in the other frame
there will be then only a single page scrollbar


Thanks! I didn't check to see if the host supports shtml, but I'll look and tinker around a bit with your suggestions and let you know how it went.



Well, my client changed her mind and had me change the entire layout of the site, so I ended up not needing to use the code AlmostBob suggested. Ain't that always the way? You beat your head for hours on something and then the client goes off into a completely different direction!

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