I have built a newsletter subscription script from scratch but cannot go any further.

I will be creating an admin panel but not sure how i go about actually using something such as a WYSIWYG editor to send out the newsletter to subscribers.

Can anyone recommend a free editor that i can use, it will be used to create the actaul newsletter for me to then send out.

I am not sure what other if any options are available.

I just want an editor to put on my admin area where i can design my newsletter and hit submit and send it to subscribers. I use a MySQL DB for saving the users data.

any help, advice on how i go about this and is there any free ones etc would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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i started using this and it is free even for commercial. also it has a image upload built in that uses image shack. very small too.

i used FCKeditor and i got tiered of transferring 377 files. but nic edit has just 2. the image and the .js file


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