Hi to all, I need to embed a mov file in a HTML file, the problem I found is that the Quicktime player is window mode and I need it windowless, I check not found a property to set it windowless, for windows media player exist the following property:

<PARAM NAME='windowlessVideo' VALUE='True'>

The problem is that I have floating elements that appear behind the quick time player, I was wandering if there is a way to set it windowless, thanks

No I'm looking something like wmode, Ive embedded a quicktime movie to a page, and it works fine, however I have a dhtml menu on top(floating element) and part of the menu shows up behind the quicktime, I looked for a wmode embed param. as in flash, but can't find anything like that for quicktime, is this possible? or how can I change the Z layer for the quicktime alone?

couldn't you place style="z-index: 1;" in the containing div tag for the menu? that should keep it above everything else.
or is that not what you want to do?


I've the same problem and I found severals solutions but there is a problem for each solution :

- A way called "Iframe Shinning" which place the menu into in iframe but this way doesn't work with Safari.
- Z-index doesn't work with ActiveX object.
- wmode-transparent hide a part of control bar on IE and hide the totality of player.

- The visibility of player when the cursor is under the menu with an onload and the css property visibility: hidden but the player is reload each time (not on firefox).

There are severals solutions but with a problem for each navigator.

Do you have others solutions ?