Hi There,
I'm tinkering with an idea of a database structure for the company i work for, i'm currently compiling a client list using mysql and accessing it via php.
The problem i have come across yet not solved is, when i search the database for a surname i would like a link to say 'search for client' with a form field to type in a surname then i would like a new window to open displaying the results of the search. And if that wasn't enough when a link is clicked (i.e select client) the new window closes and the data is transfered to the original search page. I have tried in vain with several javascript ideas but nothing is showing in the new window, is there a simple way of doing this that i'm overlooking?

Thanks for reading!!


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Why don't you use ajax to do it all in the same page? Opening new windows/tabs (or creating popups) is pretty much detested by most people. You could create a faux popup with a Lightbox implementation. I've used a modified version of Leightbox (based on ParticleTree's lightbox). If I remember LB used prototype, so all that nasty XMLHttp stuff is nicely hidden away.


I may be wrong, I think it was me that re-introduced prototype ajax into the ajax-stripped LB.

Thanks for the useful insight.
To be honest i have never flirted with ajax but i guess it's time to start!

Thanks again