I was trying to play a powerpoint presentation(.ptp & .ptpx - I think that is the old and new extensions) and get it to play once it has been uploaded. Now im 80% sure but I remember seeing a powerpoint presentation being played through a browser a year or so ago and the person said they were using PHP. So anyone have ideas on how to play a powerpoint presentation through the use of HTML and if required PHP?

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Here's what I found:


(But is it your post as Zenon?)

PHP is a server-side language, not client-side. If you want to show this presentation on the client's web browser, PHP will not help, but if you just want to tell the browser that the file is a PP presentation, you could output correct HTTP response headers and then the browser would either download it or open it with the client's installed PowerPoint software.

If you uploaded the file to a folder called /powerpoint/ and the file was called presentation.ppt (Or .pptx) and accessed it on a computer with eather Office 2003 (PPT) or 2007 (PPTX) using the path like a regular file:
then you should see the presentation but I think this only works in Internet Explorer and it would only work on windows so Mac and Linux users are screwed as well as users of other browsers on Windows (Firefox, Opera etc.)
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Thanks - ardav, thank link to the forum was insightful.
I gathered from that forum that if I wanted to make a ppt playable for everyone I would have to make a flash version, correct?

Thanks - samarudge, thanks for the information.
That would be a short term solution, but I require something that is workable on all systems.

I think I will have to research this google docs and flash.

Anyone else have any ideas let me know. Thanks.

1. go to authorstream.com then you might find your answer. they allows people to upload PowerPoint directly and let other watch it online in browser.
2. another way is convert your PPT to video form, any form those video site can accept. Google the tool with keyword "PPT to video" or what else or pay a visit of software which I use now at ppt2video.com.