I'm very (no, VERY) new to ASP.NET and I have a server-side app that was written for me by a contractor with whom I have no contact now.

Thing is, this app worked perfectly on a Canadian based server but has now been switched to UK. Fooolishly, the Canadian server was pulled after I thought everything was working on the UK one, but I've discovered a date issue which I could attempt to solve,but since I'm really up against it time-wise, I thought I'd put it out here while i attempt to work it out myself.

Client-side picks up a date. SQL table then has a list of entries with FROM and TO dates and the code retrieves relevant entry where Client-selected date falls between (or on) FROM and TO dates.The following code was working perfectly in Canada, but not so in UK, and this is what is happening: a selected date of 3rd December (3/12) is giving me the entry from 12th March (12/3) - get the picture? Also, since the DD and MM are being switched around, any selected date where day > 12 causes app to crash, since it's obviously looking for 13th month and above. Code is .........


' limdb select parameters
            cmdSelectLimdb.Parameters("@man_group").Value = strGroup
            cmdSelectLimdb.Parameters("@man_date").Value = selectedDate
            'cmdSelectLimdb.Parameters("@Check_date2").Value = CDate(txtDate)
            ' limdb select top
            currentRow = dsCurrentDataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0)
            ' Add limdb values
            cmdInsertChronForm.Parameters("@boss").Value = "MANAGER: " & currentRow.Item("man_name")


I have added images of table layout and data (mocked up)



Thanks in anticipation [:)]

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changing the locale of the database might work, you can ask the hosting company to do that

Is there any way I can do this in my code?
I've tried some suggestions I've found in forums, but they tend to assume more prior-knowledge than I actually have :-(

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