If, in Firefox, you go to http://www.incrowd.org.uk you'll see a signin page.

The signin form is a table and should be spaced 35%/65%. However it is just taking up the space needed for the left label.

I've got Firebug and the problem is the table is not taking up 100% of the holding div. The signin is rendered via Ajax techniques.

Thanks for any help.


I have had no end of problems getting block element alignment successfully under control in all browsers. Most reliable:IE (though probably not stds-compliant), most stubborn:Opera (which probably is).

When all else fails try this technique:

table.myClass {

By making the left offset exactly -0.5 of the width, the element will center-align.

By playing with the values of width and left you should be able to achieve the same effect you want reliably in all major browsers.

Hope this helps

By the way, if the rendering of your page is correct in IE6 (which I am currently using) then table spacing/alignment is not the only thing to look at in Firefox, where the header renders very differently.


commented: Interesting technique +1

Thanks for that Airshow. It's worked. Strange indeed.