There is this website -> http://www.openrouteservice.org/ ,where on querying and using this url-> http://data.giub.uni-bonn.de/openrouteservice/index.php?start=7.0892567,50.7265543&end=7.0986258,50.7323634&pref=Fastest&lang=de ! I get Route Summary with Route instructions.Now,I want to grab it.How is that possible using PHP?

To explain bit more,I have till now,created the required URL using text boxes and concatenating values and tried using file_get_contents('this url'); ,but it didn't help.I want that when user clicks enter,the following url is accessed and the Routing information (as seen in tabular form) with columns Route-Instruction ,Distance is displayed on my website(which user is currently using). i.e in my website it shows start.. 0km etc etc (its german,but changing de with en in url,will display english).
Please help/guide me with instructions/code snippets or whatever possible.Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot..
p.s. If anything remains unclear,please let me know.Thanks again..

Hi, this is just a quick reply, because I am short on time. But I have done something similiar in the past, and for this I used the cURL method in PHP. Give it a look, and you may be able to figure it out if you don't get a better response.


This sounds like copyright infringement, if done without permission.

robothy:I'll try to see,but if time,could you post some kind of snippet?
MidiMagic: No,I won't do anything like that.It's an OpenSource project if you see the url,and my work will be OpenSource too+I am in total touch with the creaters of it ,,so,nothing wrong here :)