Hi I have 2 pages.
1. form.php
2. update.php

I have populated valus from databse on the base of id and show in the form field, now in update page I have tried to post the value but its not working.
Please Helop meIn Form.php

<form action="update.php" method="post">
<input type="text" name="siteid" value="<?= $b ?>" />
<input type="submit" name="subjoin" value="Update">

in update page how I show the value of site id. I am using post method. but field value is variable($b) so how I can I post the value to next page?
In update.php

$c = $_post["$b"]; 
echo $c; //its not working.

Thanks in advance

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sorry to say that, but this is a poor designed solution & database model.

concated data inserted into a field is not flexible if you want to update, retrieve data, search, order-by , join with another table and get related data without hardcoding the results.

the solution would be a new table, where you store the ID's in new rows associated with a selectionID.

please give me mini example of updation and how many PHP pages I need. I am new to PHP.

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you have to use $_REQUEST instead of $_POST because $_REQUEST support for both method$_POST AND $_GET .
if still problem the use
it show you all the parameters which send on this page.
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