Hi Dear All
Is it possible to compare two PDF Image Files and if Name of Person is same in both documents only then we can save it to server and save the path to the Database. actually its about confirmation. But Problem is Both PDF are Images and name is situated at different pixels so is it possible. and using OCR or any other technology. there are 5000 PDF Files for both PDF1 and PDF2
I want

if (pdf1==pdf2)
            then save the path of both in the database

with some other information like id, date, time etc.
Thanks in Advance...

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Hi, i read ur message,

U can use the "FPDF" class of php..
THat will help u exactly, i will post the source code soon, not yet in my desk..

ok..take care bye..


This is a code which is available FPDF Website

Here u can find many PDF Examples like this.

You need to download fpdf.php from this above mention website.


$pdf=new FPDF();
$pdf->Cell(40,10,'Hello World!');

May be you get some idea.


Hai Ayesha,

I have a PDF document which contains an empty Radio Button and another with a Filled radio button. How do i compare both with PHP

please search in google about OCR Control.
I hope you will find it.


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