Hello all,

Just wanted to see if I am leaving open some security hole in a script I have! When the user logs in it creates a session based on the id field of the users table! For example .... my id is 10 so a session is created with based on that.

What I wanted to know is if I want a secure way to identify a genuine user based on their session then should I make this session more complicated by adding further details? Or even create multiple sessions?

I am currently checking the user against my sql table id against their session but thought that if someone created a session from another website with for example the number 10 then I wouldnt want them being able to access my members account whose ID number is 10!

Hope this makes sense and someone can clarify the best way around it


Its pretty secure. Adding more info and creating extra session is unnecessary overhead.

The best way to prevent this is to run session_regenerate_id(true).

[kireol explains everything nicely, I posted at the same time. Didn't see that post]