Hello friends,
my problem goes here,
i have two aspx pages, lets say A.aspx and B.aspx.
B.aspx contains information comming from database.
when user clicks btnShow on A.aspx B.aspx is displayed with all the information from database on run time.

i want to display B.aspx as pdf formate in browser.
i tried to do it with iTextsharp.dll but failed, all i can find over net is the conversion of asp.net control to pdf.format.

help me out pls

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i dont know why you faild to work with iTextSharp.dll,
i worked with it a few weeks ago and it works just fine.

but if you don't want to learn to work with it so i can suggest to download a third party software that know to receive command lines and work with it.

you can try and use a software called: ConvertDOC, its a freeware if you are not a company and they have online support.
you can find it in this link:

convert your control to doc or to somthing else it's not a problem.

hope its helps



well dear if u worked with iTextSharp.dll then could you please post a sample here?

in mean while am having a look over convertDoc
thx for this


Dear docConverte is a utility, wat i want is to create pdf on run time, and created pdf will not be download, it is only to display in the browser.


well dear,

i'm not going to published my code here becuase it's too big and it's using a lot of classes but i'm willing to help you if you have questions about it's classes (about the iTextSharp.dll).

and dear have you not heared about .tmp files, you can create with the utility the pdf, show it and then delete it...!

Let me know what you want to do the first one or the second!


Dear docConverte is a utility, wat i want is to create pdf on run time, and created pdf will not be download, it is only to display in the browser.


Dear 2nd one was my first choice but unfortunately i did not find more help regarding 2nd one, then i came to know about itextsharp.dll, whicih i think is helpfull but its me who is dumb. can u guid me to convert my complete aspx page into pdf and show it in browser, my user should not aware of this conversion. he clicks on a button and pdf should be shown, give me directions i will follow them to reach the goal.



Follow this steps to create what you want, when i programed my app i followed this steps, this is a tutorial:

And one last thing about the ConvertDoc, I understand the first time that you dont need the user to download the file, but what you can do as i said before is to convert the file to pdf in your server side, show it as a pdf on a new page, and after the user close the window and finished viewing the file you can delete it from your web site.
So i still think that you can do it with this Program and it can be OK, if you need help how to do it, i will glad to help you.

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