I have recently developed one website. After uploading this website to the server, I have received a few security exception on errors on some of my pages. I contacted my hosting provider on this and they have told that "it seems that your website is requiring asp.net full trust environment. And we are sorry to say that we do not provide full trust due to security reasons".

Now the question is. Why they do not provide full trust? Can it hard their servers?

I do not have much idea. Hence, asking here.

As per MSDN,
The Full trust Level is a special case. Because it is exactly equivalent to having full trust in the local machine zone, the ASP.NET host does not apply any additional policy to these applications. Therefore, the Full trust level is mapped to an internal handler and ASP.NET does not add additional policy to the application domain for full-trust applications.

Some asp.net application requires to be run on the Full trust environment, if the web hosting don't support full trust hosting, your application should not be working or working not properly,

Good luck

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