Hi all,

I am in confusion i am using calender in one of my application but calender is working in all other browser but it is not working in IE .

In this i am using two calender in form one calender for date from and other calender for date to .
What problem can be there . Please help me . It is very urgent for me.

If you have any other code for calender in which calender application can work. Please suggest me for that.


Well if the problem is only in Internet Explorer (IE) I would say IE is the problem and not the script as IE doesn't read javascript properly and has it's bugs. But if you wish for your script to work with IE then I would suggest to check the javascript with the Microsoft version of the Javascript manual and also check that there are no obvious html errors. Or if you like you can post the code/download and I shall help you with the incompatability. That's Internet Explorer for you.

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