there, i am doing a and it needs login page. I have a 2 textboxes, one for user id and the other for password. Using this two textboxes, I need to identify the three roles that i am using. This includes manager, delivery boy and customer to redirect to their respective page. My deadline is on fri this week and i need to come up with the right codes. I don't know what to do and where to start. i can't solve this matter. Can someone tell me step by step of what to do? I desperately need help. I am using ASP.NET(VB) and MSSQL.

Why not use the built in login tools?

Website -> Asp.net Configuration

I posted a C# winform example @ http://www.daniweb.com/code/snippet1244.html which may help get you started. Conceptually its the same in forms or asp.net as far as looking up a user and assigning roles. Port it over to ASP.NET/VB and post back on the thread if you have any issues and we'll go from there.

I am using ASP.NET with VB. Will this sample work out if i try to change C# codings to VB?

I can use the web configuration, but i have tried it before and it doesn't work. please assist me. I am using ASP.NET with VB

Help us help you. Make an attempt to approach the problem and post your sample code.

i am using the ASP.NET C# which you gave. I got this error that says, 'unexpected preprocessor directive'. It is at this part as below:
#endif . please help me out

Remove the #if and #endif