Hello guys. I have a callable statement which runs and gets a value from the database.
I have registeroutparameter which turns an integer value.

I got to alert that value on screen. In java code everything works fine and i can print it on screen. But i can not turn it to my js file which i call the java method.

i use ds on my js file.

if int is not available for this work, it might be string too...

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This is outside my experience and judging by the dearth of replies, I guess outside most other folks' experience too. Calling java from javascript is pretty unusual and not generally done because (a) it is pretty well unnecessary most of the time and (b) not universally applicable in the web environment because a fair percentage of browsers will have java disabled. Might be of use in intranet work in specialised circumstances.

My main javascript book (Javascript : The Definitive Guide, Flanagan; O'Reilly, Jan 1997) has a whole chapter on LiveConnect. In 12 years, I have never needed to read more than the the introduction.

As far as I am aware, a value returned to javascript from anywhere you like is just a regular javascript variable as if it were created in js in the first place.

If you want to guarantee a number/string to be an integer then use parseInt(x), which defaults to base 10. You can also subtract 0 (from a string representation of a number) but this may yield a floating point.


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