Hi there,

Im working on an application that allows me have sales leads inserted directly into a sql table which can then be easily managed with a datagrid master/details model. This can be viewed at www.rickpace79.com/scum2.aspx

My next step is to add a droplist containing the e-mail values of our five sales men. I would like my manager to be able to view these sales leads and assign them individually to his sales man of choice.

I know how to use asp.net in order to send form info to an email. This is all quite simple. My problem is being able to submit the data on my formView controll through email.

any suggestions????

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Use classes of System.Net.Mail namespace.

Thanks for taking time out to reply to my question but im already familiar withe the System.net.mail namespace. Let me rephrase my question.

Im using a gridview to display just the names of the customers in my database.

When i click on a name, I get all of that persons information (address, email, mortgage, ect) displayed nicely in a detailsview control on the right side of my page. I believe that this is what most people refer to as a master/details design.

What i would like to be able to do now is have the ability to email each details record to either one of my salesman via there personal email address.

Im familiar with sending a simple form via email.


My problem is that this doesnt seem to work when tyring to bind the objMail.body to an %eval% field which is basicly a select statenment from my database.

any suggestions??


I have some doubts on your question.
u want to send a mail from the details view-> by clicking on the email id?? right??
Canyou please suggest me .. what are the main things we need to cosider in designing a website.
Mainly for asp.net professionals -> what we need to use to develop a website in a look and feel manner. I know only back end coding..


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