Okay How Does The Pros Do It!

The user fills out the entry form and becomes activated. But I don't want the Post method because the user cannot go back without getting an error... And

I don't want the GET method because it shows in the address bar...

How do I do it. Let the user become activated and browse throughout the site freely without Get Or Post...

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Hi puddin

You only have two methods for submitting a form, and they are get and post.

I think what you are really looking for when you say"activated" is to start a session once someone has logged in. Now you are talking about authenticating a user, perhaps with a database, and testing for a session on each Web page.

If you have some experience with PHP, you need to get more specific with your question. If you do not have experience with a dynamic language, this is going to be way over your head.


This *is* the PHP forum after all. :) Check out the official PHP docs for sessions and that will give you a bit of insight. More information is appreciated to help further.


Thanks for all your replies. Here it is have you ever seen www.mate1.com. They have a site design I want to do. You signup get in and are brought to a page that is “ Your Account

You have many link options, add your description, add your photo etc...

Now I signed in and none of my information is in the address bar, so I obviously did not get in with GET, nor does it seem did I get in with POST cause I can click on any link and click back without an error page... So I ask how this is done. Better…

I click on any link and the address bar never changes, so the pages I am clicking on are someway included with a very cool format I want to learn to do as well...

That’s what I want to learn... Ohhhh I need a good paying job so I can hire a teacher to show me, I am sure I will be familiar with what I will be told cause I have read so much....

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