Im using a gridview to display just the names of the customers in my database.

When i click on a name, I get all of that persons information (address, email, mortgage, ect) displayed nicely in a detailsview control on the right side of my page. I believe that this is what most people refer to as a master/details design.

What i would like to be able to do now is have the ability to email each details record to either one of my salesman via there personal email address.

Im familiar with sending a simple form via email.


My problem is that this doesnt seem to work when tyring to bind the objMail.body to an %eval% field which is basicly a select statenment from my database.

any suggestions??

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BTW. an example of what i have so far can be found at www.rickpace79.com/scum2.aspx

If you can think of a way to e-mail the information on the right side of the screen based on a dropmenue of several emails. Then you my friend are a .net lord.


search on the internet how to send emails...

in web.config....mention your smtp server...

on button click grab the value of customer from formview..

hope things work out in your case....or else i can send you the code...

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