At my firm I developed (haha, more like put together with bubblegum and paperclips) a CGI based upload script and another download script to accompany it. The upload page requires a username and password. You then can browse for a file and upload, and it stores it in a directory based on the account you used to login.

Okay great - it works, kind of. There is no status bar, there is no compression or file encryption. There is no email notification. I know enough about programming to be able to read Perl and modify it a little. I am by far better at PHP, and even that I'm not an expert at.

I hacked together another cgi script for downloads - based on the account used to login, it generates links (not real URLs) that tell the script to invoke a file download.

So what I would like to do is redo this upload solution using PHP. But no reason for me to do it from scratch if I don't have to. Has anybody used a freeware/opensource script that accomplishes what I described above? It would be nice to add some compression, a status bar, and email notifications...


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There are a lot of upload / download scripts under the file managment systems section of hotscripts.com

Good Luck,

Sorry... that really doesn't help me since that is where I found all the scripts I hacked together to come up with the solution I have now.

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