Hello. I'm starting to have a headache at solving this. I work in Eclipse IDE and run the project on tomcat server.
What i do is this:
i have a form, like this:

<form method="GET"
	<p>Book 	<input type="text" name="book" size="7"/></p>
	<p>Chapter	<input type="text" name="chapter" size="5"/></p>

	<p>Verse	<input type="text" name="verse" size="6"/></p>
	<p>	<input type="submit" value="Send"/>
		<input type="reset" value="Reset"/>

Where ComputeSearch is a servlet, located in BookShelf/com/servlets/ . The problem is that the server gives me an error saying :
HTTP Status 404 - /BookShelf/ComputeSearch

type Status report

message /BookShelf/ComputeSearch

description The requested resource (/BookShelf/ComputeSearch) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.18
I also tried writing <form method="GET"
which gave the same error.
:'( . Pls would anyone tell me what i'm missing!

Sorry , i've found the problem myself . :) It looks like i didn't created a servlet but maybe accidentally an ordinary class. Now i made a servlet and copied everything there and all went smooth.