hi there snake..

i've implemented AIM & SIM...in authorize.net...

but i'm facing a new problem...

which is automated recurring billing....

i've used the codes from authorize.net...

but things don't work out....

i've used the soap code...which has a web reference..

and i'm working in the test account

so if you can suggest something...

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What problem are you having exactly? Do the transaction not post, are you getting a response string from the payment gateway and if so can you post it?


well transaction get posted succesfully.....
i can see my transaction....report...
but in return authorize.net should send the response back
to silent Response..

which has to be my call back URL...where i receive the response from the authorize.net...and then i do my processing....

and in my account,i can't see any silent Response Facility...
in my account....i;m using a test account...

so am i missing something or do i need to pay authorize.net
to achieve that silent response.



Can you point me to the authorize.net URL explaining this silent response? After you do the POST to authorize.net they send the transaction information back on the same request -- or do they use a postback URL for ARB? Let me know and POST YOUR CODE then I will log in to my authorize.net and look @ ARB.


okey ....i recv the email from authorize.net...!

they say i need a production account....?

so production account..... does mean that i have to pay...to test my modules....

if yes then plz let me know....cos i'm sitting on a gas...which can blow any minute..!


If you need a production account then you need a production account... You will likely have to pay but you need to take up the transaction rates with your bank & Authorize.NET

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