Please help!

I've been putting together a webpage using CSS and a Javascript feature. Everything looks fine when I test the page from my PC. But when I upload it to my server, I get a bunch of odd symbols, like Asian writing.

I had this happen ages ago to a different page I was working on and found that the DOCTYPE I was using was wrong. It worked fantastic after I changed the DOCTYPE. But no matter how many different DOCTYPES I've tried on this page, it never looks like it should.

Is it a DOCTYPE issue or something else I've missed. Could someone maybe have a peek at the page and see?

I've attached a jpeg of what the page should actually look like (the way it appears on my pc tests. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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To be fair never seen anything like this. What you may want to try is check what is stored in your html document on the server. Should be easy task with dremweaver if you use it. I'm just guessing that something happend while you been uploading your document...
With quick look on source code I did not find any visible errors except extra symbols in code

Take out the ;charset=UTF-8 part of the content type meta header, and any UTF-8 content type header you may be sending at the server. If you are using an <?xml etc ?> directive, take out the charset (or is it encoding?) attribute.

Your page reports being encoded as UTF-16LE... But if you try to serve it as that when it's not encoded as that, then it wont help you much. Is that page the result of server side software ( i.e. PHP etc ) that might be adding anything to the page's HTTP header?

Can you post the original page source? In view source it comes up with those foreign characters also.

The three garbage characters ahead of the doctype are appearing in the upper left corner of the display.