I think this is the right forum as the Question pertains too php.

I was just wondering as I think this is a very nice feature to Daniweb.

The Text that is Displayed when you go to post in the background. I was wondering if someone could share that little trick and what files to edit in VB to get this effect.

I know you never ask a magician for his tricks but I think it is very cool as I have members that always post badly.

Thanks! in Advanced

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Well I thank you sir for pointing that out to me, you say it like I know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing when folks ask me whats wrong with there 5000 ton excavator.

Anyway You have been very helpful. Now I can use google to search for a knowledge base using "CSS Textarea" that will explain how to implement it .

Sorry about the posting in the wrong forum as I was not sure if it was CSS our something I needed to add to one of my php Scripts.


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