Hi all , I have been assigned to do a task which is to create a web based application, the task is actually a normal form application, I have to use that form and make it online as a web-based application
and store the information in a database

I know I can do that using php or other language but I really don't know how to use these languages , I know only in java and C

please tell me if I can do it in java, guide me guys please
if there are tutorials please give me the links I will try to read and apply please guys help me

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Thank you guys for your participation to my question . ok I have decided to use java applets and java servlets regarding creating a form.
guys the scenario is like this , visitors will enter to website, surfing it and then they will enter to feedback form , they have to fill it and click submit .

The four points I don't understand are
1) may I create the form in java applet
2) if I create the form using java applet, so this java applet program must be reside on client or server
3) if it is reside on client how can I do that we have many clients(Millions of them)
4) if it is on server how can I install it to server and make it run when visitor enter the URL for feed back form



Yes you can do this i must say to can try w3 school

its very usefull to you

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