Hi all,

I'm creating a fairly large web-application that uses a reasonable amount of AJAX.

My question is; will it cause problems (in terms of process speed, overall performance and most importantly if it's actually possible) to run this application from multiple computers?

Primarily if, for example, two separate computers access a portion of the application that uses AJAX at or around the same time, will this cause an overlapping issue?

Thanks for any answers and/or insight


There is generally no reason why a well written AJAX application should not successfully cope with multiple users, however you are right to be considering these issues and you might like to research (e.g. Google) the following terms:

  • (ajax and) memory leaks - a client-side issue by which an AJAX application's javascript functions can consume large amounts of (sometimes irrecoverable) ram while running.
  • (ajax and) record locking - a sql/database technique that can be required to prevent multiple users accessing a record (or records or whole tables) simultaneously.
  • (ajax and) sql transactions - a sql/database technique that can be required to ensure that a set of related database interactions are either wholly performed or wholly canceled.

I confess that I'm more aware of the issues than the solutions. I too should do lots of background reading with regard to AJAX.

I'm sure that someone more knowledgeable will be able to post more specific guidance.

Good luck with it.


Definitely some good topics to read up on.
Thanks for your answer!