hi all,
marquee is working fine in my localhost firefox but when i made it live its not working in ff

any ideas why?

thanks in advance

Did you dynamically write the <marquee>-tags to the webpage by using PHP?
How is the output? The same as the expected output, but just without a marquee?

>when i made it live its not working
By reading that, I assume that you've uploaded it to some kind of online hosting provider.
Can you also give us a link where we can reach that particular webpage?

yes, i have written it dynamically here is my code

$selc="select * from tbl_marquee where status=1 order by order_id asc";
?><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="3"><? while($fet=mysql_fetch_assoc($qwer)) { echo $fet['text']." "; ?><img src="<? echo substr(getdata("tbl_marquee_images","image","status=1"),3); ?>" align="absbottom"/><? echo " "; } ?></marquee>

the output is with marquee tag but it is not scrolling.. just test is staying still
its working fine in ie

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