Need new functionality to force a user to change their password in a certain amount of time.

The default timing for this rule will be 3months - when this rule is enforced display the date that password changes will take place.

Then you must create a new table to track passwords for a user
A user can only use each password once

5 Days before a user is due to change their password display a message on logon:

"You have x days left to change your password - change it now (hyperlink to password change page)"

When a users password has expired

On logon redirect them to the change password page. They cannot continue to the program unless they have changed their password

int LastDate= DAL.GET(Select LastPasswdCngDate from UserAccess);
If (LastDate - TodayDate +5 > 91) Popup (Pls Change Password);
elseIf (LastDate - TodayDate> 91) Popup (PwdChangePage.php);
else Popup (Firstpage.php);

Hi Kapstav,

Thanks a lot for the response.. but just wanted to know what is this DAL.Get

It looks like DAL.GET is his GET method in his Data Access Layer to retrieve the results of a query (the first field of the first record perhaps?). It's not a built-in ASP method.

It also seems to me that you would need a WHERE clause in the query to identify the user who's logging in.