Hi Everybody,

I'm Natheer..
Could you please help me?

My question is:

Response.Redirect("A Page.HTML");

I want to see on the browser : Success1Success2
but this way showing the responding of the new redirected page.
I'm using this way because I don't know if there is another way..

Thank you!!

you need to remove a line from ur code...


let me know.. if u face pbm still

Thank you Dear kameswari,

But, I don't mean this, I mean how to call this page ("A Page.HTML")
and don't let it loaded on the browser.

Look the code is:

Response.Redirect("A Page.HTML");

if i run it step by step we will see this at first:

now i want to execute some functions on the load event on the (A Page.HTML).

when i use this way to call this page:

(Response.Redirect("A Page.HTML");

the browser will be jump to execute the instructions on the redirected page and ignore the next statement:
(i mean ignored this statement Response.Write("Success2");.)

and because ("A Page.HTML") don't has any response written to the browser the page will be displayed empty, not Success1Success2

Forgive me I'm bad in English, I wish it is clear now..