i am working on a project where I have to read a .txt file for a feed and parse the data line by line.

I am using FSO in ASP to do this and it is working fine on small versions of the file, unfortunatly, the actual file is massive in size (670,000 kb) and I am not able to interprete the full file.

There is about 200,000 lines in the file of up to 4,000 characters each and i can read the first thousands fine but the problem starts when going further.

Due to the size of the file, I am unable to store it in a variable or array etc to manipulate it, the best way I have found is by looping through the lines and reading them one by one.
I can think of 2 solutions here, I could read a line and then remove it, do this for let say 1000 lines, move out of the file (which is now smaller by 1000 lines) and reaccess it and do the same again. The problem here is that I can't find a way to replace the line, is this possible to do??
I can write a line but it is a new line, it doesn't replace an existing one.

The second idea would be to loop through a number of line, for instance 1000, but only starting starting at line 1001 for instance, this way i could access the file several times. The only way I have found to do this is by using SkipLine but it means I still have to start the loop from the first line and ultimately, it ends crashing the same way.
Is there a way to start at loop at line???

Any pointer would be appreciated.

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Here is a thought that is a little dirty but may work for you.
Before reading the text file create a temp text file. when you start reading your file write the line into the temp file then delete it from the original text file. when you are finished reading all of the original text file close the temp file then delete the original, then rename the temp file to that of the original filename.

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