I have used floating DIVs in the following layout. They jumps sometimes in Firefox.

It is perfect in IE and Chrome.

Any help?



In my experience div {display:inline;} is ineffective and/or unsafe. Suggest you purge if possible. See style="..." at lines 71 & 79.

Apart from that it's hard to say what might be wrong.

The good news is that the page appears to behave itself in FF 3.0.11 under Win2000, screen sise 1024x768.

(If anyone's intersted, FF 3.0.12 is downloading as I type)


Thanks Airshow!

I have used display:inline as a suggestion from one developer. I agree with you it is not helping me to sort this occasional problem with Firefox 3.5.1.

You can see the problem in the below screenshot.[IMG]http://www.web-ideaz.com/clients/cleanmiddleeast/Clean Middle East Magazine_1249185297073.png[/IMG]

I have tried a lot to debug the issue but no luck yet.

Hope the above screenshot help you to debug.