I clearly explained my prob...
My task is to upload the resumes in server..and displyed dem as link in a list box..i finished tat..if a user clicks tat link open/save dialog is open as default..but i don wann tat open/save dialog.


If the user click the above link,based on the technical skill,here c++ is the technical skill so a folder called c++ will be created inside a parent folder and tat resume is stored inside the folder..but c++ folder is created only once..

Hw can i restrict the oopen/save dialog and do the above..i vl attch the file.. pls help me..

I need immediate help..pls help me..

		$query="select * from logintime order by id desc";
		$directory = opendir("uploads/");
		while($item = readdir($directory))
			 		if(($item != ".") && ($item != ".."))
						$files[] = $item;
						$number = $number + 1; // increment $number
						$path= 'uploads/'.''.$item;
						$str= $item;
						$temp=explode('_', $str );
						$newstring = substr($temp[4], 0, -4);
						if(($number% 2) == 0 )
							$bgcolor = "#FEEABA";
							$bgcolor = "#FFF8E8"; 
							echo " 
						<tr bgcolor = '$bgcolor'>
						<td width='3%' class='sidebarHeader'><center>$number</center></td>
         				<td width='20%' class='sidebarHeader'><A href='#'>$item</a></td>
						<td width='3%'><input name='open' type='button' value='open' onClick=login('$item')></td>
						<td width='3%'><input name='save' type='button' value='save'/></td> 	
						<td width='5%' class='sidebarHeader'>$newstring</a></td>";

why did you create another thread?

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