Suppose I am using the code below to display image

<img runat = "server" width = "50px" height = "50px>

However, the original size of the picture is 500 * 500.

So, in terms of bandwidth load, would it be same as displaying the picture in 500*500 dimension or do you think having 50*50 dimension would help in terms of bandwidth (as in it would load faster etc, close to a pic of dimension 50*50)?

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img size is image size ( kb / mb / etc..) no matter how you code it to show up.. so.. no it would be the same thing as it is still loading the actually full image even those you have it coded to only be a certain size.

I wouldnt worry about any bandwidth issue's tho with a 500x500 pic. Why worry with that little bit ? That wouldn't use that much bandwidth to even worry about.


Depending on the image file type, i.e. jpg, png, gif, etc., there could be a huge difference in file size between a 50x50 and a 500x500 image. As a rule of thumb, I personally prefer to size the image file to the size it will appear as on the page.

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