I have Image.js and Main.js files. I create image object like test = new Image(...);
and it can be seen on screen but when i try to do call Move method like
test.Move(x,y); it crashes. Is there anyway to do that?

My code :


var objBall = new Image("abc.gif", 0, 0, visible);


function ImageDeneme(path, x, y, visible)
    this.image = document.createElement("img");
    this.image.src = path;
    this.Move = Move;
    return this.image;

function Move(x, y)
    this.image.style.left = x + "px";
    this.image.style.top = y + "px";

waiting for your answers :)

i thing it should be like:

var objBall = new ImageDeneme("abc.gif", 0, 0, visible);

just use firebug to fine out what objBall. contains.

acctually i handle that problem and it works now but i have problem with inheritance now.

ImageClass.prototype = new Drawable(...);
ImageClass.constructor = ImageClass;

but i got "prototype is read-only" error. I'm working on a different platform but it supports javascript and as i got, it has different version of js.

could you tell how to inherit from a super class?

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