this is a complete NOOB question but i need help. I have WAMP installed and was given a IP address, the user name and password to the site so i could edit the html. But i need to edit the PHP. I need to add a few more fields to the data base. I know how to do this through PHPmyadmin if the site was on my machine( through local host ). I am not exactly sure what to do for this case though. I was thinking to download the entire site thought Filezilla and then put that in the working directory but i feel this is hard way of doing it.... Any suggestions?


For the database, you will need access to PHPMyAdmin on the (server) system. This probably means getting access to the web host's control panel facility. If you have the id and password, that will probably get you logged in you just need the url to go to. For the code, you can download it using an FTP program and then upload the changes the same way.

how do i access phpmyadmin from their server

I need to add a few more fields to the data base.

well in this case not only u will have to change the php script but also the MySql DB. I guess ur aware of that(just wanted to be sure).

the website where u have hosted must be having something like control panel or so to mange these things try getting that link (may be a folder name or so)
it would be like or watever the hosting company has choosen.

and i guess they would have given u user name and password.