hi there

could anyone please tell me how i would change this html to use php to email without opening microsoft outlook please?

this is my html

<FORM encType=text/plain action=mailto:recipient@mydomain.co.uk>
<TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="90%">
<TD width="30%">
<DIV align=right><B><FONT color=#ffffff 
face=Candara>Name:</FONT></B> </DIV></TD>
<TD width="70%"><INPUT name=name> </TD></TR>
<DIV align=right><B><FONT color=#ffffff 
<TD><INPUT name=email> </TD></TR>
<DIV align=right><B><FONT color=#ffffff 
face=Candara>Message:</FONT></B> </DIV></TD>
<TD><TEXTAREA wrap=virtual rows=4 cols=30 name=comment></TEXTAREA> 
<TD><INPUT value=Submit type=submit name=submit> 

With the correct email address in, it is opening up outlook.

Where would I need to insert the php to make this just send without opening outlook please?

my provider is 1 and 1 and ive read their help section that perl php etc are all supported but am a bit clueless as to the next step as have found everything ive found on google very daunting

thanks very much in advance!!!

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