Hello everyone. I have a webserver that I would like to implement a file upload program on. I have been looking all over the internet for something that visually uploads files. I tried Megaupload 1.35 (SourceForge page), and it gave me error messages. The server has the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The errors I get go something like "The requested URL /cgi-bin/process.cgi was not found on this server." I followed the directions, everything is in the proper place. Please help me fix the error, or direct me to another program that can visually upload files. Thank you.


Do you mean something which allows you to manage files directly on the server? via a browser?

Not exactly. I want something where the users of the site can upload files to a publicly accessible directory, for sharing purposes.

I think this could be useful to you..

Code moved to attached file as is breaking view in FireFox. Please do not post such large code in the future or use attach option

actually, this will be good for your management, but i do have another which is just for user view

This looks promising. Thank you, I will be looking into it.


let me know how you get on