Hi All, as per as I know dataset can do the work of datareader.Only the difference in connected and disconnected architecture.But Is there any area where we have to use only datareader without dataset?

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If you need read-only access to the data, something often done inside an ASP.NET application, using a DataReader makes sense. For example, you are filling the textboxes/label controls in a page, then you can use data reader.

You can use datasets if you are going to persist the data between postbacks.


Well i think if you write you sql nicely and optimized, i don't think you will need a Data-reader. a Data-reader is known with its great performance. But if you have a little data to Display like drop-down , i will go for a data-table or data-set because the different will not matter in the performance , it might 0.01 percent and you will barely see it.


using datareader you drag the data out of the database faster and using dataset things work lilttle slower but add on features are granted like caching any many more..

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