Hi, I am using a Flash Component provided in asfusion.com to upload files in Coldfusion. I used in my flash forms exactly the same way as it is defined in the focumentation as;

<cfformitem type="html">
    <cf_flashUpload label="Upload Picture: " name="logo" fileTypes="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif" fileDescription="Image files" actionFile="upload.cfm">
      <cf_flashUploadInput buttonStyle="corner-radius: 0;" inputStyle="fontWeight:bold" inputWidth="180" uploadButton="true" uploadButtonLabel="Upload Label" chooseButtonLabel="Choose file" progressBar="true" progressInfo="true" />

Now my Upload.cfm Page contains the absolute path as:

<cfif structkeyexists(form,"logo")>
  <!--- upload file with whatever attributes you need, additional variables may come in url scope --->
  <cffile action="UPLOAD" filefield="logo" destination="c:\inetpub\wwwroot\project1\imagesfolder\" nameconflict="MAKEUNIQUE">

when i try to run the page. it shows the page and upload button properly on my localhost. then i click choose file and click upload button. on this, the progress bar start moving and after some time it says, upload successfull.

I check the folder but could find the file.

i am bit confused here that if the file is uploaded, then where it goes. it does not show in the folder instead and where can i find the file. i have copied successfully the 2 custom tags in the custom tags folder to make it work properly.

not knowing what is happening. i am not even getting any error.

Has anybody come accross such stuff.

Please guide me


Check the permissions on the "imagesfolder" directory.